Sonntag, 5. Juli 2015

A Trip through my home ❤

Hey everybody :)
Today I thought: "Is cruising through the Baltic Sea the right theme for this blog?" I don't think so...
I decided to make another new post about a trip through my home country: Germany
In my stats of this blog I can see that most of my watchers are from Germany, but... A short text for all the Germans:
Danke erstmal für die vielen Aufrufe ;') Sollte euch beim Lesen dieser "Postreihe" langweilig werden, was ich nicht hoffe, müsst ihr euch noch bis August ödet September gedulden... Dann kommt wie gesagt Indonesien ;) Aber ich denke, dass auch mal der ein oder andere interessante Fakt über Deutschland dabei ist ;) Außerdem gibt's viel Gespächstoff :)
If you're not from Germany, you can try to speak it a bit ;)
So, if you travel through Germany, this report could be interesting for you ;)

I want to make a "three-part-theme":
-South of Germany (my home)
-General Germany with all the great cities
-some routes for travelling through Germany :)

So, I'm writing the first part and... See you soon :)


Freitag, 3. Juli 2015

Hey everybody!

First... I am so sorry... We had some problems with the Internet connection aboard the ship and then my holidays were over... :( So, I have written all the class test : I am happy :) now I will spend my time for writing some nice posts for you ;) I think the first one will be something like a time lapse in the train (I 've already done it in the train)
Again: I am really sorry but now I have time for you :D
see you soon


Donnerstag, 28. Mai 2015

Good Morning !

3.00 My father came in and I woke up. Its just that early in the morning D:
4.00 We arrived at Stuttgart Main Train Station. Do you know Stuttgart21? Here in Germany its a Big  Problem...  Stuttgart Main Train Station is... Well, a Bit older... And many People Want to build it more modern and bigger...
5.04 Departure! I´m really happy, our train has no delay :) We take a train from Stuttgart to Hamburg :)
6.27 A young man came in our compartment. He was very friendly and on his way to Frankfurt International Airport D:
8.12 We arrive at Frankfurt International Airport... I am a bit sad, I want to fly, too :D Well, I am on the way to another holiday :)
9.45 Hannover main train station. Two young men come to us. They were, well, a bit louder... That is so annoying... D: But, let´s skip them: HOLIDAYY :D
10.23 I change train in Hamburg, the next one will drive to Rostock. In 2010 I have droven exactly this route to Warnemünde :) (Another cruise)
11.34 Departure... Nothing special...
13.25 Finally we arrive Rostock. It´s just a 20 minutes ride to Warnemünde... :) I am a bit tired, but... no problem :)
13.58 Warnemünde :) I am just happy to be here... and there it is : our ship :)
In a few minutes we´ll check in, so just relax :)

This is my time lapse, hope you enjoyed it ;D
I will show you my city reports around the Baltic Sea: Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn and St. Petersburg in one day, so, if you have more time than 1 day, you can take a longer stopover in all those cities :) I would like to start in Stockholm, I dont know, I think today or tomorrow ;D

Your TravelFreakTV

Montag, 25. Mai 2015

Which guidebook is best for travelling??

today I am employing with this theme:


I think, there are some differences... I personally have uncountable Guidebooks in my cupboard... I maybe will take a short picture ;) I think in Asia, especially Southeast Asia it´s best to use Lonely Planet (LP) guidebook, they are muuch more informative than, let´s say Marco Polo or something else... They compile a list in each guidebook, I say, Top Ten, it´s just a list with the interested places in the cournty oder city...
This and muuch more is why I would say, that LP is best for journeys to Asia. Well, if you travel with a rucksack of course.. ;)
For cities in Europe I can suggest Marco Polo... It always has a big citycard with all the sights and places to be. At the back there always is a list with "Does and Doesn´t" in that city.. This is why I chose Marco Polo for city trips.. I do citytrips very often, especially with my aunt (she is my big paragon <3 ) . She sometimes bestow me a city trip to my birthday or something else... :) We were together in Istanbul, Paris (my background picture is from there) , Budapest, Izmir and so one :) And we are going to go to London this September :) I am so happy about her... She is the best aunt of the woorld :D
So, back to the guidebooks :D

These are my actual guidebooks: two LP´s and one "Reise-Know-How" about Bali, Lombok and Bangkok ;)

My Paris guidebook... It has got some nice map, with a metro map and some informative things to know ;)

For journeys to America I can suggest "Reise Know-How". I don´t know if you know this book?! Here in Gerrmany it is very good, espacially for America. There is a big variety of books. It is completely easy to travel.
Australia is "Lonely Planet´s Terrain". You may also use Baedecker, they are both great. But I don´t know, can you read Baedecker in English? You can read Lonely Planet in several languages. It´s total easy! :) I love planning with those guidebooks ;)
You know me :D

If you disagree, write me a comment and we can talk about ;)

Do you know, what I like most about Blogging?
I can reach so many people in the world... My first cue was from USA... It was that great , because I loove America :D But I have to say, all the countries of the world are wonderful <3 I loove to discover them ...

Oh no, I´m too much talking :´D

I make a shot cut, we´ll see us ;)

Your TravelFreaksTV

Preparations :D

This is your TravelFreaksTV :)
I thought, I am so happy about my blog, why don´t make a second post ? :)
So, here it is: MY SUITCASE

I usually don´t like travelling with those big suitcases, but ... Yes,... If you´re coming to that cruise liner with rucksack on your shoulders, they think: "OMG, what´s this??" But this is not the problem...  I don´t know what it is xD 
Changing the theme: The weather will be good next week... They said about 20 °C and some tiny clouds ;) But, they are no problem :) 
I think, I haven´t something more to tell and it shouldn´t be too boring, so...
Yesterday I have been on a book market, I discovered an Adeventure-Report from 1983 :) Its titel: Panamericana
I began to read yesterday night.... I love it :D Panamericana is a road through whole America. (consults North, Middel  and Southamerika) They are three young men, who decided to drive this whole road through three continents in her OWN car... It´s just great to read how they got to Circle City, the Northest Point of Panamericana Road. Now I am reading the arrival at Circle City and they are now going southward, until they arrive 2 years later back in Germany :) I loove this book <3
Ok, but this should be not to long.... so let´s cut this here :) 

Have a nice week :) Best Wishes from Germany :) 

TravelFreaksTV (alias the crazy boy from yesterday, do you remember? xD)

PS: I have to phone my father today, I still don´t know anything about the Internet... I read, that the WLAN-Connection aboard is really expensive... So I maybe will write from my phone to you... We will see :)

This is MEE :D

Hi everybody!

This is me:

I´m a (a bit) crazy German Boy :D I am 12 years old and I have one big problem:
You don´t know, how crazy I am when talking about one of my journeys :D But to this, later more...
I really hope, that my English + Dictionary is enough for you :)
My biggest project is to take you all the fear about Backpacking (do you call this like this? I mean to travel with your own rucksack through a country) !
You see, I am alive and I have been in Cambodia and Singapore yet. :D
And: I was travelling alone with my mother! And I think there is no better thing than seeing a country from the other side... I mean; everyone can sit in a touristic bus and drives from A to B ... I mean, if you want to see a country from the other side, you have to be ready for a long bus ride with the inhabitants or a boat drive that can take 6 or 10 hours... But you simply do this, for seeing the other side: And this is what I love about travelling <3...
Now, back to my blog : I decided to make this internet blog to tell you my opinion and my view. So, if you´re interested in some special trip and flight reports, then you have to follow xD Haha, only a joke :)
I hope, that I can reach many people and I really do hope, that I can convince them :) And even not, I had fun with writing this :) (Always look on the bride side of live... :D )
This year I am making a cruise through Baltic Sea and ... Argh, I love it ... my second journey to Southeastasia: Indonesia <3
But first, I will make my cruise :) The route is going to be like this:
1. Warnemünde (Rostock, North Germany)
2. Copenhagen: I will go there a second time... But just for a day
3. Day on Sea
4. Tallin: I am really looking forward to this city, cause I read very nice things about it ;)
5. St. Petersburg
6. Stockholm: One of my favourite cities in North Europe
7. Day on Sea
8. Warnemünde
We, my father , his girlfriend and I will drive with the train to Warnemünde, it will take 10 hours, because we have to drive through Germany :)
I know, that this is no travelling how I mean, but I love cruises , too and I think, those cities are very important for an European Traveller ;) So, common, let´s give it a go!
My journey starts at Friday morning (this Friday :D ) and tomorrow I am going to pack my suitcase :) Here in Germany, we have holiday on Pfingsten, some in Germany have it, some haven´t.... ;) For example: I´ve got some friends in Düsseldorf and they haven´t got holiday, they just are free at Pfingstmonday :D Even better! :)
And now... Coming back to Indonesia:
No, wait... Should I tell you everything? I don´t know... :D
Ok, maybe I will tell you... :)

Here it is :
Tatatatam tatatatatatatatatatatataaaaam xD You see, I am not so normal like my friends :D

We fly from Munich with Qatar Airways to Doha. Second flight is to BKK. There we (my mother and I ) will have a 4 day - stopover :) So much time :D
We´re flying again with Airasia to Jakarta... This city is too big... So we decided to fly again :D From Jakarta we´ll fly to Yogyakarta (translate: small Jakarta, the right city for us :D). Then there is something special... I will tell you when the time is here... (ín August xD)
We will arrive at Bali and take our Rentcar (Rentcar? Is it the right word?) for 10 days... After that we will get to Lombok and from there to the Gili Island: Gili Trawangan ...
But I will show you more when I am there... I think, I will post daily from there with some nice pictures and videos :) And I am busy thinking to make my own YT (=YouTube) Channel... With flight reports, trip reports and so one... Let´s see :)

So, I thought this would be a shorter text, but I was texting.-.. And when I am texting, nothing can stop me :) If you want some advices (example: for a journey to Cambodia, Paris, Budapest, one of the Baltic cities, Germany, Greece, Italy, France, ... ) write me a comment :)
I really like comments and I would be very happy if I get one :D Just for a feedback... Was my English ok, am I too crazy,...? :)

So, I think, that´s it and we´ll see at the latest at Friday :)

I wish you a good night, in Germany it´s 9 pm and I am so tired... Don´t know why... :) I think in USA you have daytime, isn´t it? Then I wish you a good afternoon :)
See you later... Your TravelFreaksTV :)

PS: I think the pictures from my cruise next week are coming later... And I noticed just one if I'll ever have Internet there D: We have to check, hopefullly... Otherways, I will give you a complete travelouge with integrated pictures and tipps for travelling there ;)